Find below the intellectual outcomes and results of the Greenworld project.

The data entries of the PRs contain information about the number of project results, the number of activities, the number of partners and the language of the language in which the delivery order is. This is part of the text title of a substantive note that goes into the file.

The partners have the following abbreviations:

P0 – prEUnec, Germany (Coordinator)

P1 – UPB, Paderborn University, Germany (Partner)

P2 – E-digital software, Turkey (Partner)

P3 – Ceroki, Doganin Cocuklari Ceroki Ekolojik Yasam Ve Ingilizce Koyu Kulubu Dernegi, Turkey (Partner)

P4 – Associação BioLiving, Portugal (Partner)

P5 – Asociatia Share Education, Impartasim Educatiein Craiova, Romania (Partner)

Language abbreviations:

DE – German
EN – English
TR – Turkish
PT – Portuguese
RO – Romanian

Example file name with explanation:


The file name would lead to Project Result 1 (PR1), with a focus on activity 1 (A1), from partner P1 (UPB) on the Greenworld project with regard to a questionnaire in German (DE) language.

There are four PRs (Project Results) in Greenworld

The results regarding these PRs can be found here:

Project Results

PR1: Environmental-climate sensitivity analysis reports

PR2: Green Entrepreneurship Handbook



Module 1

Module 2

Module 3

Module 4

Module 5

PR3: Environmental Literacy Handbook



Module 1

Module 5

PR4: Web tools and E-learning / E- Book